A Look At Different Tubs For Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom depends on several factors. It can be that your bathroom is swollen and requires a serious makeover. It can be that you want to remodel the space and create something bigger by adding more space to the project. You can even look for some basic renovations to keep up with the trend. When you are ready to renovate your bathroom in Los Angeles, make a list of choices that you would love to make in regards to the fittings and options. The tub is probably the number one choice on your list that you want a replacement.


Making the right selection is necessary since a tub is one of those elements that always catch up on the attention level. Here are a few notable choices available when you look for a new tub to install:

Alcove tub

This kind of tub is very common in those homes where space limitation can be witnessed. In such interiors, you will find limited space within a bathroom. Alcove tubs less space to get installed. They are basically installed by the walls with three sides covered and leaving only one side intact. There remains only one side open to the process.

Freestanding tub

The angled version certainly makes for a great option for a tub that will enhance the interiors of your bathroom. This type of a tub is ideal for a bathroom with spacious interior. They are common in spas. Enjoy a deep soaking session in the tub while enjoying a book. It is all about style and leisure. It offers great support to your head, neck, and back that enhances your stay in the water.

Corner tub

This type of a bathing tub works best for a bathroom that comes with an indifferent corner style. To address this awkwardness, you may install a corner tub which beautifies the entire scenario. These tubs come with a certain advantage – they feature the additional ledge space that makes the interior look quite interesting. If you are planning to renovate the bathroom of your house, this kind of a tub setting can certainly make a great impact to the space.

Clawfoot tub

Probably the most trending tub of late, the clawfoot version creates a retro feel for the bathroom interior. It has a cute appearance due to the little feet. Clawfoot tubs are available in different styles and designs. This type of a tub is easy to clean since it never sits tightly to the floor. It always has some vacant space beneath that allows for easy cleaning of the bathroom surface. The absence of panel edges also makes the cleansing process easier.